An attentive observer of political debates can arrive with a frustrating conclusion that for many debaters 2+2=4 is just an opinion, as good as 2+2=5. In social science facts are often not as clearly identifiable and measurable as in engineering. It does not mean that we do not have good understanding of human behavior and that we do not have broad empirical data allowing us to make educated predictions of economic, social, and moral consequences of political decisions. Sadly, in political debates, this knowledge is pushed aside by emotions, and particular interests.

In its very purpose, mass media – besides reporting news – should be a forum for ideas exchange and debates within community. They do not do it anymore; they gravitate toward infortainment. Political discussion boards on the internet tend to group people thinking alike, and chasing away people of opposite views. Lastly, let us face it, Facebook, it is mostly chatting about nothing, and more people tweet than read as well. Despite unprecedented communication abilities we have today, we lost the ability to conduct political debates on merit.

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